My Bikini Body Workouts Review

Hi there! My name is Jeannette and today I want to share my Bikini Body Workouts review.

After following Jen Ferruggia’s workouts for just over 9 weeks now I’m coming close to the end of the 12 week challenge.

In my review you will learn how it works, what’s included, everything I loved about the program and what I personally think needs improvement.

SO, if you’re thinking about buying Jens Bikini Body Workout program keep reading because I’m going to share everything you need to know.

That way you’ll know if this is the right program for YOU!

What Exactly Is Bikini Body Workouts?

For those who don’t know what Bikini Body Workouts is, it’s a complete workout program put together by fitness model Jen Ferruggia.

It’s a 12 week program designed for women that targets all those trouble areas that we all seem to struggle most with. In the program you get the main workout manual which is a step by step guide to help you with YOUR fitness journey.

You also get workout videos where Jen shows you how to do each workout so there is no guessing or trying to figure it out on your own. I really love these videos because I can watch them on my phone or tablet.

In the Bikini Body Workouts you also get a booty building and shaping guide called Booty Blast. I’ve only just started using this guide along with the main workouts and I’ve already started seeing amazing results.

You also get a nutrition guide, shopping lists and a workout planner.

The best part about this program is it’s very affordable compared to others.

For example before I discovered Jen Ferruggia’s workouts I found most of the workout programs are way over priced.

Check these out to see what I mean…

  • The Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines is around $69 and that’s for who workout program alone. If you want her nutrition guide it’s another $69. She also has an app which I highly recommend staying away from. They have zero support and I’ve read way too many horror stories.
  • The BodyBoss Method by BodyBoss will cost you $49 just for the workout guide alone and to buy their nutrition guide is another $49.
  • The 21 Day Fix Program by Autumn Calabrese is just shy of $60.
  • ChaLEAN Extreme program is over $89 and from my findings it’s not that good!

With Bikini Body Workouts you only pay a one time payment of $29.99 and you get all of what I mentioned above and that’s the reason why I bought it in the first place.

My Opinion Of The Workouts…

This is a 12 week program and one question I had when I first started was, what do I do once the 12 weeks is finished?

Turns out it’s a popular question and I think they added think Jen added this to the FAQ of her website here ( ) along with some other frequently asked questions. I highly recommend reading it before buying.

The answer is as simple as repeating the 12 weeks again but increase the intensity and weights. She also has a Weeks 13-24 program which I am considering buying but in the email she said I can just repeat the workout.

The workouts videos are very easy to follow along with. Jen shows you how to perform each exercise

There’s a tonne of videos (OVER 50 VIDEOS!!) in the members¬† area and I’m not going to show all but here’s a few screenshots of each workouts…

She also has the Bikini Body HOME Workouts for those who can’t get to the gym. You also get this included free in the program.

You then have the printable workout manual which includes information on each exercise, cardio, mindset tips and you also get printable workout sheets which is totally amazing.

This is why I’m so happy I bought this program – you get soooo much for your $29.99!

Here’s a sneak peak at what the manual looks like.¬† (I can’t share the guides with you so please don’t ask)

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My Thoughts On The Nutrition Guide…

The nutrition guide is included free which is really cool because almost ALL of the programs I looked into charged extra for their nutrition guide or they just didn’t have one.

What I like about Jen Ferruggia’s nutrition guide compared to others I’ve followed in the past is that it’s really flexible.

I still get to eat yummy food and I never feel hungry or like I’m starving myself.

It’s also very easy to follow and it’s not boring compared to most out there. The recipes are amazing and I’m actually enjoying following the diet which for me is a big surprise because I’m definitely not the most disciplined when it comes to food lol.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the pages in the Bikini Body Workouts Nutrition guide…

These are also very easy to put cook and put together. I’ve seen some nutrition and recipe guides that look like a chef’s put together. Who has time for that!!!

The 21 Day Bikini Body Boot Blast Guide

This is something I’m only just starting to throw in the mix and I’m glad I did because I can already feel it working after only 3 weeks!

It’s a short simple guide with exercises that specifically target your glutes, thighs and butt.

This is a 10 minute so it’s easy to fit it into your day but don’t think that this is some easy workout, you will soon feel the burn when you give them a try!

Here’s a sneak peak at Jen Ferruggia’s 21 Day Boot Blast Guide…

I really like this guide because it’s short, sweet and does the job. I’m already starting to feel my butt lift and firm!

UPDATE: I didn’t know about this but do now after receiving a comment on this review from Sally…There is a coupon code at which will save you 15% off the program which makes it even cheaper!!!

I paid full price and I’m really happy so now you can save

Is Bikini Body Workouts Worth The Money?

My honest answer – definite YES!

For $29.99 you get a LOT more than these other fitness gurus and Jen definitely knows her stuff.

The information within each guide is very informative and its inspired me to continue learning about health, fitness and nutrition so that in itself is worth the money to me.

I love looking at the before and after pictures of all the people who have amazing results from the program. I know that in 3 more weeks I will complete my 12 week challenge but I already feel like I’m a success story.

If you’re feeling miserable with your life or hate looking at your body no matter how big or small, or if you want to get into the best shape of your life then I highly recommend giving Bikini Body Workouts a try.

I’m glad I did…

My Bikini Body Workouts Results So Far Following It For 9 Weeks…

Let me first say, if you’re NOT working out – YOU ARE MISSING OUT!

It just makes you feel so much better about yourself and weirdly enough it GIVES you more energy…

I’ve been following Jens program for 9 weeks and 2 days now and I feel great!

I have way more energy to do the things I love doing. I have more get up and go plus I’m also thinking clearer.

Now that I’m seeing results from the work I’ve put in following Bikini Body Workouts I know if I keep doing what I’m doing I will live a longer and happier life.

I’ve lost the podgy belly and love handles, all I am focusing on now is keeping it off and building a more rounder butt. (I’ve always had a flat bum, even when I had the weight on)

This is also why I’ve incorporated the 21 day booty blast into the workouts. It’s definitely working!

My results are from following everything Jen Ferruggia teaches in her Bikini Body Workouts. I’m not going to lie and say it’s EASY but following her step by step program definitely makes it EASIER!

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What I Don’t Like About The Program

To be 100% honest there really isn’t anything negative to say. It’s a lot cheaper than the alternatives I mentioned above and for $29.99 you do get a lot of value for your money.

One thing I would change is maybe add a forum within the members area where people can interact with each other.

Everything else is great!

Have Questions or Need Help? Feel Free To Ask in The Comments Below…

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    • Nice share Sally, I didn’t know you could but I’m sure it will help others who want to save money. Thanks!

  2. This was really helpful as there’s a lot of reviews and not many go into detail like this. You answered some questions I had and I’m going to buy it tonight when I finish work.

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